Commemorative Poster - "Light of Summer 2021"

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11" x 17" limited edition commemorative poster. Printed on 100lb matte-coated cover stock for a high-quality feel and weight. 

About the artist:

 I was raised here in County Galway and born in New York to American parents - I guess I’m more American Irish than Irish American in that sense.

About thirteen years ago I took a painting class in Charlottesville, Virginia and have been painting consistently since that point. I learned early on from my instructor, John Hancock, that the old masters would often block paintings in with a blue paint and a brown paint, then fill in the painting with other colours from there. I decided to use those two colours exclusively as it worked well with my painting style, suggesting other colours rather than painting them outright and allowing the viewer to fill those colours in with their mind.

I like my paintings to have the appearance of forgotten posters in pubs stained by smoke and lit by turf fires, and recently have been putting my handprint in them as a dialogue with stone age cave art. I think here on the west coast there is a heavy connection with land and sea, an almost esoteric tie to them intertwined with spirits and stories, and I hope my work pertains to that.  - Ryan Lavin 

Martin and David went to school with Ryan. The lads played music together, covering the ground between Jimmy Hendrix and Johnny Cash.

When David was 16 he embarked on a transatlantic adventure with Ryan. Irish lads visiting Virginia in the deep summer, with a pitstop in Amsterdam. Much mischief was had.