WB3COFFEE Limited Release No. 4 - A Winter Wonderful 2021

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Wake up this winter with a cozy cup of WB3COFFEE. Our fourth limited edition release is sure to help you rise & shine. 

We enjoyed our first edition Ethiopian Yirgachefe so much that we decided to explore that country’s beautiful coffees again. Our Limited Edition #4 comes from the Agaro micro region of Jimma, is grown at almost 2,000 meters, and consists of two different heirloom varietal beans. The farm - Kossa Geshe- is a two-brother operation, and employs 42 full-time employees, including 24 women. True to most Ethiopians (and different from our 1st edition), this single-farm bean is naturally-processed and sun-dried on raised beds on hard ground for 18 days, with selective sorting during the first 3-4 days. You can expect flavors of marshmallow, white florals, melons, and stone fruit (think: peaches, plums, cherries, nectarines, etc). This is a rich, heavy-bodied cup of coffee that will pair well with your 2021 “Winter Wonderful” preparations!